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National environmental congress

National environmental congress

On Thursday, September 29, 2012 was held at the IFEMA (Madrid) Congress Nacionalde Environment CONAMA 2012, being also a meeting of Latin American eldesenvolupament sustainable. It is one of three regular meetings with major assistance statewide and environmental sustainability.

More than 1800 companies between businesses, NGOs, municipalities, organizations and research groups presented their innovations and were found in any of the 349 business meetings took place during the day and a half meeting lasted. This was a new event: business meetings where esfocalitzin objectives and economic barriers facing the sustainability.
This framework proposed a series of speeches and workshops, including haviauna exhibition of outstanding cases and related new models in the category.
This event was in the form of coffee networking, where cases had
representing a small group of people, encouraging dialogue between speakers and elsassistents.

In this case and within the framework of CONAMA 2012, the platform was invited perexposar your project and explain its purpose in this format. Antonio Manuel López Arjona was asked to represent the project and was told the fesedit experiènciaadquirida throughout the project: motivations, problems and solutions applied implementation plan iles key project for the future. The fesedit was welcomed with open arms and go to extract synergies interesting símbolde the success of these new formats.




El 66,5% de quienes acuden al campus lo hacen en transporte privado, y de ese porcentaje, el 75,4% llega en un vehículo con un único ocupante




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