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Generalitat de Catalunya a Girona, the new Fes edit's community


Fes edit was presented to employees of the Government of Catalonia in Girona, as a new system of mobility among employees who travel by car to go to work, integrated into the mobility program of the Government of Catalonia as part of the new corporate social responsibility (CSR).
The information sessions conducted by Anna Enjuanes (Head of Political Cross), Gina Barraza (Mobility Management in the building of the Government), and David Plaza (Easy Computer Center, a research center promoter Fes edit) were held on Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 December, at the headquarters of the Government of Catalonia Girona.
David Plaza, explained the project to edit Make new sustainable model for car sharing to employees and what are the options and features of the platform with which we can begin to use as subscribers to the community Become edit.

The initiative was well received among workers as well as the benefits they represent: sustainable improvement, sharing not just go to the car, reducing expenses and parking, among other benefits were highlighted.

We hope you enjoy using the Fes edit, and soon we will visit the center from Easy to know the views of workers, as well as briefings on the new platform to share car: Fes edit.


El 66,5% de quienes acuden al campus lo hacen en transporte privado, y de ese porcentaje, el 75,4% llega en un vehículo con un único ocupante




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